Western Loudoun Lacrosse

Spring 2023 Player Wait List





Please review the following:

The registered player ("player") and I have read the League Rules posted online at http://www.westernloudounlax.org/. The player and I have read and agree to adhere to all the rules and codes of conduct of the Western Loudoun Lacrosse Club (WLL) as displayed on the league's web site; www.westernloudounlax.org. 


The player and I are also aware of the commitment that is being made by registering and playing in WLL.  We know that players are expected to attend all practices and games for the duration of the season because Lacrosse is a team sport and every player on every team is an important contributor to their respective team. The player and I agree that the player WILL NOT miss practices and games because of commitments to other recreational and developmental endeavors such as other sports, the arts and so forth.  

If you have more than one child playing, you must register all children in one session to receive the WLL sibling discount. You'll have the ability to "register another child" at the end of the first registration. Failure to do so will result in not receiving the multi-player discount, WLL will not process refunds for the difference should this occur.


The player and I also understand and acknowledge per the WLL League rules that we have read, reviewed, and understand the league rules on individual playing time in games and acknowledge and accept the playing time rules as written and posted.  


We also acknowledge and understand that ALL players are REQUIRED to participate in at least one evaluation session (they are welcome to attend both sessions) conducted by the league for their appropriate grade level. Players who do not attend an evaluation session will not be placed in the draft nor chosen for a team.  Any exceptions due to illness, injury or family emergency must be communicated to the Commissioner or Registrar in writing and approved by the Commissioner or Registrar of WLL prior to the date of evaluations.  

The league schedule will be found at the WLL website: 
www.westernloudounlax.org.  I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to frequently check the league's website (www.westernloudounlax.org) for this information and to get the registered player(s) to the required session(s).


There is no medical insurance provided by Loudoun County or WLL.  As the parent or legal guardian of the named player, I grant permission for this minor/player to participate in all activities of the Western Loudoun Lacrosse Club.  I assume all risks and hazards associated with all such activities and do hereby release and waive all claims against Loudoun County, Parks and Recreation, WLL, Coaches and Sponsors.  I hereby authorize The Western Loudoun Lacrosse Club to have the above-named player treated in the case of emergency (i.e. injury) when I am unavailable to authorize emergency treatment. 


I understand and permit the league to post articles and pictures of my player at the discretion of the league at the league's website.  The league will post team rosters to the league website which will include the name of each player on each team and I understand and permit the league to do so; access to roster information will be access controlled and only registered participants, coaches and league representatives will have access to a team’s roster. 

The articles and pictures would be posted to promote league activities and would be based upon league activities.  These postings could include but are not limited to game/action pictures and/or videos.


A coach's player must be registered SEPARATELY through the online player registration process.   WLL is dependent upon volunteer HEAD coaches to ensure a successful season.  Remember, if you have a player that wishes to play in the league you must register that player or players through the player registration process and SEPARATELY register yourself as a COACH if you wish to do so.


We are launching an annual WLL Fundraiser process which has been simplified to eliminate the exchange of cash – participation in the fundraiser this season is optional for all players. The fundraising fee you will see on your registration at checkout is the collection of $25 which will afford each player 5 entries into a raffle for gift cards and other prizes.   Each family is assigned 5 numbers per player registered.  Prior to Memorial Day Weekend, in May, winners will be drawn randomly by a volunteer from the league.  The winners will be posted at www.westernloudounlax.org.


Any refund must be requested in writing via  email to the WLL President and/or WLL Registrar.


The player and I understand the refund policy (not related to the pandemic).  Any refund must be requested in writing via  email to the WLL President and/or WLL Registrar. Refund requests for all registered participants will be issued in accordance with our refund policy posted to our website. 



In summary, by registering your child with WLL you are agreeing to the following:

  • All registration is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED until the league is full. Our Division Vice Presidents are capped based on the prior years history AND the number of registered HEAD coaches. The more HEAD coaches we have, the more kids we can support. Again, our numbers are determined based on the quantity of HEAD coaches we have in each age group.
  • Having read the League FAQ’s found on our website and any policies related to COVID-19.
  • The registration below is for the SPRING 2023 Season Once you register, you will likely not hear from the league until sometime in January as we get closer to player evaluations.
  • Any request to play up a division must be approved in writing by the club's president or designee prior to registering your child.
  • All registration are done online via a credit card - there is no in person registration and we do not accept checks or cash. Due to the rising costs associated with uniforms, game officials and insurance premiums; this years "early registration" fee (November 15-December 15) will be $295 per player plus $25 fundraising fee (for those that opt in)  for all age groups before any multi-player discounts are factored in. Registrations completed between December 15 and January 15th will be $325 per player plus $25 fundraising fee (for those that opt in). All multi-player discounts MUST occur within the same transaction meaning you need to register all of your children within the same "shopping cart" to receive the discount. We will NOT process refunds for children registered as separate transactions.
  • Financial assistance is available, please contact the league president or registrar for details prior to registering.
  • Teams are formed based on player evaluation data -- we do NOT take into account where a player lives and where they might practice.  MEANING....you may live in Purcellville and could be placed on a team that practices in Leesburg or vice versa.  All teams are formed based on the data collected during player evaluations.
  • Deadline to request refunds is January 30th, 2023. Should you request a refund between February 1st and February 15th; an administrative fee of $25 will be incurred. 



Please direct questions to: president.westernloudounlax@gmail.com